Birth Doula Services


See About Heather for more information about my training and background. Check out my Yelp reviews and past client referral list available upon request.

We might be a good match if…

1. You want a highly experienced doula that can help guide you and your partner to an empowering birthing experience.
2. You are ready to take charge of your own birthing experience by learning, asking questions and taking action.
3. You are not opposed to using evidence based holistic and/or western medicine solutions when needed/appropriate.
4. You live in and plan to deliver in the South Bay. I will travel throughout the South Bay- Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto, (and sometimes Redwood City, Menlo Park, and San Carlos).
5. You do not use artificial air fresheners (plug ins, sprays, candles) in your home or wear perfume. Due to an allergy to artificial fragrances, I can not work in a home that uses them. I am fine with pure essential oils.


What is included in my birth doula services?

One Free Interview During this free one hour interview we get to know each other. I will cover what my services include, ask questions, and answer questions.  My usual meeting spots with a lot of seating are at a Cupertino Whole Foods/Starbucks in Downtown Sunnyvale.

On Call 24/7 I am on call for you for phone calls, texts and emails upon hire and up to three weeks postpartum. I am on call to attend your birth from 37-42 weeks of pregnancy.

2 Prenatal Visits In Your Home.  The first visit is typically between weeks 12-33 of pregnancy and is 2-3 hours long. The second visit is typically between week 34-37 of pregnancy and is 3-4 hours long in your home. These visits include the following-

  • Healthy Pregnancy Class- Included in your first prenatal visit in your home. This class will cover how to have a happy healthy pregnancy, how to reduce your chances of common pregnancy/laboring issues, increase your odds of a faster less painful birth, and a quicker postpartum recovery. This class was created with experts in nutrition, prenatal exercise, and therapists.
  • Holistic Solutions to Pregnancy Discomforts or Challenges- Common issues I have helped with in the past include- heart burn, insomnia, leg cramps, high blood pressure, swelling, and anxiety.
  • Childbirth Preparation Class or Refresher- The first portion of this class will be through streaming videos in your home, handouts and activities. The second portion will happen with your second prenatal in your home, and I will teach you and your partner hands on coping techniques for labor and do a mock labor session.  A full description of what is covered can be found here under Childbirth Preparation Class.
  • Preparing a Birth Preference List & Communication with Hospital Staff- You will get to know your options for your hospital birth and how to word your birth preference list to be the most effective. I will also provide you with possible questions to ask at your wellness checks, hospital tour and when interventions are being offered.
  • Preparing for Postpartum Recovery- I will cover the top steps you can do to have a speedy healthy recovery.
  • Baby Supplies & Room Set Up- I will provide you with a list of basic baby care supplies and if you wish I can advise on baby room set up and safety at a prenatal visit.
  • Breastfeeding Education- The first portion of this class will be through videos in your home and handouts. The second portion will happen with your second prenatal in your home when we will practice breastfeeding positions with a doll.
  • Baby Care Education- Through self study with videos and handouts at home you learn about basic baby care, common characteristics of newborns appearance and behavior, common hospital newborn procedures and medications. If you would like to add on a hands on portion to learn in your home diapering, clothing, bathing, etc- just let me know.
  • Sibling Preparation- If applicable, I offer you suggestions for preparing your older child(ren) for the new baby.
  • Access to Hundreds of Informational Handouts, Websites and Resources. I have collected and created information over 13 years, so that it is easy for you to find the answers you need.
  • Access to Videos and Lending Library of books, CD’s and DVD’s. Lending Library

Labor, Birth and up to Two Hours Immediate Postpartum.  I ask my clients to call me as soon as labor begins. I will answer questions and remind you of the tips we covered in our prenatal visits. We will keep in touch throughout your early labor. When you feel you could use my help, give me a call and the odds are I will be with you at your home within an hour. At some point we will decide to head to the hospital (or call the midwife for a homebirth), I will follow you in my own car. I will stay 1-2 hours after birth.

  • I remain with you throughout your labor; Supporting you Physically, Emotionally and with Information/Resources that are needed. I work as a team with your partner, we determine exactly what that means to you during prenatal visits.
  • Laboring Tools such as massage/ acupressure, birth ball, positioning, breathing, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, heat therapy, focal points, hydrotherapy, rebozo, visualization/meditation, TENs (I leave you with one at our last visit), CUB seat (can be used for various positions including as a birthing stool) and whatever we discussed will work best for you in our prenatal visits.
  • Holistic Solutions- I can provide advice and suggestions for holistic solutions to common hospital interventions in non-emergency situations. For example- Natural methods for pain relief,  induction, augmentation and turning a posterior baby.
  • Photos with Nikon- If desired I will take photos of your labor, birth and immediate postpartum using a Nikon camera. I will leave you with the SD (memory card) before I leave the hospital. If you would like filming, please provide a device. My first priority is supporting you while in labor, so the amount of photos varies.
  • Immediate Breastfeeding Assistance- In the first hour after birth, if desired, I can help you latch your baby onto the breast.

2 Postpartum Check Ins  The first postpartum check in (up to two hours) takes place in your home and is approximately a week postpartum. The second postpartum check in is a scheduled phone call approximately three weeks postpartum. These check ins include the following-

  • A Copy of Your Birth Notes & Reflection on Your Birthing Experience
  • Postpartum Recovery- I provide you information and assistance for emotional support, physical recovery, nutrition, and sleep.
  • Breastfeeding Assistance-  I offer breastfeeding assistance and troubleshooting in your home during postpartum visits.
  • Pumping and Bottle Feeding Assistance- If desired I can show you how to use your pump and teach you how to introduce the first bottle to baby at our last postnatal.
  • Baby Care Tips- If desired I can teach you baby care skills at our postpartum visits. Swaddling, calming baby, using baby carriers, helping learn a new sleep cycle are common topics requested.
  • The Best Resources for Providers- If your needs fall outside my scope of practice, I can provide you with the best providers in the South Bay Area.

You also might want to know…

– I work with all family styles/dynamics.
– I am Trustline certified.
– I work with up to 3 clients a month.
– I have many back up doulas, you can choose your own if you wish.


Your Birth Investment

Repeat Clients- Please send an email for pricing.

Basic Birth Package $1900 for cash payments- Add $50 for check or PayPal payments/$100 for credit card payments.

Sibling Doula Ad On- No family or friends to help with the sibling(s) during birthing time? You would like to have your older children present during birthing time? Ask me about my experienced and trained teen daughter helping out at your birth. $500 covers her help at one prenatal visit and your birth.

Postpartum Doula Package $2400 cash payments- Includes Basic Birth Package, additional 2 hours on our first prenatal visit and total of 12 hours of Postpartum Doula Support (3 hour or more sessions).

All Packages- 30% of fees (non-refundable retainer) due upon hire. The balance is due at our last prenatal meeting which is usually between 36-37 weeks.

Will my insurance/FSA reimburse for your doula services?
Possibly. I do not process insurance/FSA claims. Call your insurance company and ask if they reimburse for birth/postpartum doula services and what information they need from me to process it. A few PPO’s have reimbursed my past clients, zero HMO’s have, and all FSA’s have reimbursed to date. I will provide you with a receipt you can use for your claim via email within 24 hours of your full payment.

Ad Ons
Postpartum Visit- If you decide you need more postpartum visits in your home. $100 for up to two hours.

Postpartum Doula Ad On Hours- per hour $40 for cash/ $50 Check, Credit Card or PayPal. Minimum of 3 hours, may include travel time if it exceeds 40 minutes round trip.

Baby Care Class- If you decide you would like a mini class before or after baby is born on baby care- including diapering, bathing, swaddling, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, finger feeding, using baby carriers, etc. $150 for up to two hours.

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